Education not only breeds confidence but also harnesses hope and is the panacea for   everlasting peace. Today, the world faces a `crisis of survival’ more than ever before and   it is my firm belief that education is the only weapon through which humanity can       overcome this crisis.

 We need to change the present system to adapt to our changing times. Education needs     to be broadened in its horizon and not be limited to the classroom. We should make a   concerted effort to make education more humane and accommodating.

Since, I have taken over the reigns of this institution, it has been my constant effort to put in place a system which not only enhances that intelligent quotient but also the emotional quotient. Let us, as teachers first make a whole-hearted effort in keeping the purity of a child’s conscience intact. Let’s not only dispense literacy but also knowledge and wisdom. If humanity has to survive, the education system must equip a child with knowledge, human values and a secular temperament.