A vitally important academic year has come for GPIC Co-ed to frame ahead-with new opportunities to tap and new heights to scale. We have begun the new session with full hope, vigour and enthusiasm. It’s such a good time to set our steps forward to begin again and devote ourselves to the promises of the future.
With immense pleasure the school administration, respective faculties and staff take pride to congratulate our students of Class IX and XI .The session will be great, the teachers will diligently play an intense role and prove to be a fruitful year for all. We, at GPIC, will continue to carry ahead this tradition, presenting excellence in the standard of education and emerge successful in all spheres.
I remember the words of Gerard Manley Hopkins, “There lies the dearest freshness deep down things.” It’s time to turn our wheels .When we look at our journey we rejoice over the gift of fresh new beginning. The perception of greater goals enables us to walk into this academic year with hope and confidence that is constantly being offered.
It is significant and necessary for us to ponder deeply all that we have. We can be almost overwhelmed by all that is ours. The purpose of education is therefore to have a fulfilled life. Groom yourselves to be perfect ambassadors of your Alma Mater. You are the monuments of our tomorrow, noble and great with a majestic soul.. You are capable of doing extraordinary things, as long as you believe in God and yourself. So develop and blossom into mature GPIC´site, with strong moral character, clear personal goals and genuine concern for others.
Co-Ed extends before you the platform to spread your wings to win little victories over your fears that will widen the world of yours .You will gradually learn ways to explore new horizons for your life. We have to recognize the potential embedded within us for the wholeness in growth .We have to believe in our deep store house of giftedness. The more we believe in this treasury the more we will be willing to risk “Cracking open the husk” of that potential.
Wishing you all a very prosperous and enriching year !
May God bless U!